About client & task


Geekspeak Guides is the brainchild of Susan Finch and Yvonne Heimann.

GSG is the place to get the answers to the questions you have for your webmasters, marketing team leaders, IT dept. We’ll help translate it so you can ask better questions and better understand the techspeak, geekspeak answer that they spew at you. You aren’t stupid because you don’t understand. You probably know tons of things that they don’t understand!

The task was:
  • Mobile friendly webdesign for best viewer experience.

  • Pod- and Videocast production.

  • Branding and Podcast dissemination.

Unique solution:

Susan and I often run into recurring questions from clients and friends. That in combination with experts often talking geekspeak brought the idea for our weekly show.

Geekspeak Guides is answering questions from “the best email signatures” to “how to use CSS”.

The show is broadcasted through YouTube and as audio podcast through Stitcher, iTunes and Blubrry. You also can watch it on local television in the Sacramento area and Tualatin Valley.



Audio & Video Production

Users testimonials

  • Social media is constantly changing. Yvonne did an excellent job guiding us through the in’s and out’s of facebook and other programs. Thanks Yvi

    Ellie Ramsey