The following explains how Pacific Crest Media bills for it’s Services.

Our primary assets are our knowledge, marketing experience, creativity and integrity. We bill for any of the time it takes us to provide our service and knowledge to clients.



Both individual requests and estimated services are billed for on an hourly basis. This means that we bill you for the number of hours we spend on your account at our hourly rate.

In the case of estimated services we will not bill you more than the maximum estimated number of hours or maximum estimated cost for the specifically listed end product, once you have reviewed and accepted the product, follow‐up work is billed as a new task. In the case that we work less than the estimated amount then we will bill you for the actual number of hours.

Our hourly is $175/hour.


By the Project

For larger projects, a quote will be provided. The quote will spell out what is included for the price. Anything outside of the quote is not included and would be quoted and billed additionally.

Most of the time the quote does not include additional materials such: as stock photography or custom photographic service, music and video clips, domain registration and hosting. Those items are purchased by the clients directly and remain in their control.

Larger projects are also billed in thirds: One third (1/2) to initiate, one third (1/4) during testing phase, final one third (1/4) after launch.



We bill in 15 minute increments, within reason.

If you choose to commit to five (5) hours minimum per month of our services for any tasks under my umbrella, the rate is $150/hour (10 hours/$150 an hour) with the understanding it’s a use it or lose it agreement. There is no rollover. Two month minimum.

We bill you for any of the time that we spend on your account including planning, consulting, developing, teleconferences, debugging, detective work, advocacy, troubleshooting, brainstorming or any other services that you request from us that we spend any measurable time on. These services must be requested by you in a way that shows that you undeniably would like us to provide these services for you.

We do not bill for services that have not been explicitly requested.

The exception is in the case of an agreement between us with a budget for work to further your online presence as the opportunities arise.

Example: A budget for optimizing of $700/month may include blog posts, news services, and social media. We will use our judgment in these situations to make the best decisions on behalf of growing your company’s success.